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  • Products

    Enjoy the durable elegance of teak wood in your home with top-quality teak decking, countertops, furniture, and teak wood cutting boards. Aesthetic form and function coexist in our teak products.
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  • Sustainability

    We believe in sustainable farming for a healthy future. We cultivate our teak trees on reclaimed ranch land without fertilizer or irrigation resulting in minimal environmental impact. Read More

  • Lumber

    Experience the incredible beauty and workability of teak - the golden wood grain creates a distinct design sought by architects, furniture makers, and shipbuilders throughout history. Read More

Proteak − A Renewable Teak Forestry Company

Teak is our passion and we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality wood to our customers. Proteak has a commitment to elegance and refined design that is evident in all the teak products we provide, keeping our products the most exquisite and durable teak products on the market. Whether you are looking for teak wood cutting boards, counter tops, furniture, or lumber, Proteak Store is here to provide you with unrivaled organic teak from our FSC certified sustainable plantations.